Chain Link Fence

Durable fences that come without a weak link


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Our chain link fences are built for strength and ruggedness. Their heavy-duty galvanized framework construction provides a solid barrier to keep an area clear or keeping out unwanted guests.

Its attractive lattice design offers an eye-pleasing choice that allows those on either side of the fence unimpeded views through the barrier making it ideal for on-site work.

Despite its strength, chain link offers a light-weight fencing option for easier and quicker installation times and are a superb way to fence uneven and terrain without compromising on security. As an effective and economical fencing type, chain link is ideal for creating barriers across large areas of space and land. Each panel fits snugly together to ensure that there are neither holes nor gaps leave an entrance point.

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Borg Fencing and Contracting offers a variety of chain link types so that you can find an attractive and robust option to fit your needs. We are able to tailor the gate hardware and connections to your requirements, including a variety of height options.
Our chain link fences exceed standard health and safety requirements for industrial and commercial settings. If you need tough and flexible fencing, chain link is the supreme choice.

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