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timber decking

Decking is a fantastic way to make offer visitors to your commercial or industrial site a stable, safe, and attractive area to walk and relax.

Creating a space for outdoor enjoyment adds extra value to your project. The eye-pleasing hardwood timber decking from Borg Fence and Contracting changes uneven or unappealing land into an aesthetically-pleasing and usable space.

Our decking can also help improve the inside appearance of your construction, complimenting indoor flooring with an outside area to produce a natural, flowing space. Additionally, similarly styled fencing can be used to compliment the decks further.

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Borg decking is constructed to last

Borg decking is treated to instill water and stain resistance into the wood so that the high level of foot traffic and winter weather does not diminish the look and feel of this high-quality wooden deck.

We have a variety of decking styles to offer a stylish fit to your commercial or industrial residence, as well as stairways and walkways to and from the area. Sloping land poses no problems; our decking can be laid there too! For style and durability, decks from Borg Fence and Contracting are the right choice for you and your business.

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