Erosion Control Blankets

Add some colour to your site and stop any erosion with our specially designed blankets.


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Erosion Control Blankets

Erosion Control Blankets, or ECBs for short, are a quick-fix solution to the production of greenery – usually the addition of grass – and the stoppage of erosion on your commercial or industrial site.

When earth is moved or heavy work is carried out, soil erosion will often occur. It is particularly likely on sloped or hilly areas. When soil has been disrupted and plants or grasses removed, they will need help to anchor itself in place again. This is where the ECB comes into play.

Constructed from biodegradable materials, the blankets are unravelled across the selected area to anchor seed and soil firmly in place. Due to their materials, they happily degrade once they’ve done their job. This means less work for you and no wasted labour hours.

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effective option to halting soil

Erosion Control Blankets are an effective and environmentally-friendly option to halting soil erosion and introducing new grasses into the soil on site. Their natural fibres leave no trace of their existence and produce strong plant life.

They are simple enough to install though we are happy to provide a specialist installation if required. If soil erosion is a problem on your site, then Erosion Control Blankets are an economical solution.

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