Erosion Control Fence

Protection for waterways to offer stability that lasts


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Erosion Control Fences

Our erosion control fencing is intended to provide protection for lakes, rivers, or streams and other bodies of water, from damage erosion, silt buildup, or construction debris.

Commercial and industrial sites are required by law to protect the environment around the place they work. Contamination of water or harm to wildlife can be avoided with adequate fencing from us.

Our erosion control fence is a full-proof plan for waterway defense. Our specially-designed erosion control fencing ensures that disturbed land and silt is kept on the site, rather than being washed into waterways. Rising above the water, the fencing stops any tumbling debris from contaminating water sources.

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protect the environment around the job site

The design of our fencing offers functional and well-constructed UV plastic combined with a fabric meshing. The water-resistant qualities of the plastic ensure that water does not leak through the soil or flood your site, maintaining the water level of the water body. The meshing provides a hardy protection for the plastic, the strength of which does not deteriorate in water.

The fencing is constructed with wooden and metal poling that offers a rigid, stable backbone. Erosion fencing from Borg Fence and Contracting provides an extremely strong and durable barrier

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