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tree protection fencing

Tree preservation is often required by law when there is heavy work taking place on industrial or commercial sites. Contractors are obliged to guarantee the happy existence of trees on-site, with penalties for those who do not fulfill these requirements.

Borg Fence and Contracting tree protection fencing offers a secure and affordable avenue for contractors to safeguard the health of the trees on their site, both to meet legal regulation and retain the natural beauty of the area.

Our well-constructed fencing can act to create a barrier between the tree and site visitors, as well as a barricade against vehicles working on-site. With certain plant species, such as Japanese knotweed, there is a need to keep vehicles away from them to reduce the possibility of spread.

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create a barrier between the tree and site visitors

We offer delivery and installation of tree protection fencing, guiding the temporary positioning of the fences with an experienced, trusted eye. Our fence technicians will ensure that the fence is correctly set up so that it is safe and functional.

Tree protection fencing can be easily removed once your event or work is over. Our fence technicians will work quickly and efficiently to clear your site and allow access to trees again. Efficient and secure protection of trees on-site, with Borg Fence and Contracting.

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