Safety Fences

For the security of workers and members of the public, our safety fencing has got your back


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Safety Fences

Ensuring safety for those visitors and workers to a commercial or industrial site is of utmost importance to a contractor. Safety fencing helps to reduce injury and prevent the contractor from being liable to legal action. It is a piece of a project that should never be left out.

Our safety fencing provides robust protection for every person that moves through your site. Welded from highly durable metals to offer a serious level of core strength, Berg Fencing and Contractors provide protect as standard.

Our fences can be tailored to the needs of your particular work site. We have brightly coloured markers to make the fences highly-visible. Additionally, we can provide safety ramps that can be attached to the foundations of the fence which wheeled vehicles and equipment can safely mount and pass.

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safety fencing for construction sites

Pedestrian barricades form a forceful border to deter workers or members of the public from accessing areas you want to be kept out of bounds. All of our safety fencing is flexible and easily transported for straight-forward interlocking and building.

Our trained fence technicians will deliver and install your fencing so that you are assured of correct functionality. For safety and security, Borg Fence and Contracting supplies the best.

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