Security Fence Rental

When limiting access or deterring a crowd, a strong physical deterrent should be your priority.


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Security Fences

Our security fence rental service offers you a temporary route to increase your security on a commercial or industrial site. We offer both the fences and all the required components so that you can easily bring the space on your site under control.

As with all our products, our security fences offer extreme resistance and are welded to endure anything thrown at them. Despite their impressive strength, they’re flexible enough to be moved and carried to and from any location.

Though our temporary security fences put a focus on protection, defence, and stability, they are also supremely safe. The health and safety of workers and visitors to your commercial or industrial site is one of our priorities and a concern that the construction of our fences addresses.

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unbreachable security barriers

We deliver to your commercial or industrial worksite and offer installation services so that you can be assured of a hard-wearing, strong, and safe fence. Our fence technicians are knowledgeable workers with years in the industry and offer efficient, professional service.
Just because they’re temporary doesn’t mean they should compromise on resistance. With Borg Fence and Contracting, your security barrier is unbreachable.

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